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Case study

Disrupt the disruptors

It’s something every incumbent has to deal with these days: disruptors eating your lunch. Time for this Media giant to win back market share.

The challenge

Initiating a new direction.

Our client was seeing their viewing times and in correlation, their advertising income decline at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, American Netflix was able to attract 40 million viewers worldwide. As a consequence, RTL took a majority stake in the online film rental platform Videoland. With the aim of developing it, in a short time, into a successful local competitor to Netflix.


Good plan, but how do you get the ball rolling?

Tactics first

Start with a small, agile inhouse team.

In the initial phase, despite what many other corporations seem to think, it is unnecessary to have a large team. So, with a small team ONBRDNG set out by focusing on:

  • Digital due diligence and guidance for the acquisition
  • Development of the digital growth strategy: Videoland was to be converted, in a short time, into an unlimited viewing subscription service at the experience level of Netflix.
  • Construction of the platform: in a few months, the technical infrastructure would be modernised, and the user experience brought up to the level that the consumer is used to in short iterative cycles.
  • Various multidisciplinary product teams were continuously preparing to relaunch the product based on user tests and data analyses.
  • In a second phase, significantly reducing the churn through successful recommendations based on historical viewing behaviour.

After nine months, the small team experienced an expansion to 25, (only <1% of Netflix's number). Three months later, the completely revamped platform was launched; on Smart TV, Mobile (Android/iOS), Playstation, Apple TV and web almost simultaneously. After the successful relaunch, the team remained responsible for activating users, decreasing churn and increasing overall customer satisfaction (NPS).


After several years in pursuit of the great disruptor, a turning point was reached. The team launched a number of new features ahead of Netflix: The hunted became the hunter.

Accelerating growth

Success makes the noise.

  • Within 1,5 years versions 1.0 & 2.0 VOD subscription platform launched.
  • From 0 to > 600K subscribers.
  • Acting as a platform was the major accelerator for the entire transformation process (lead by example).
  • Building one of the few examples of really successful corporate startups.

Team members on this project

Solution architecture

Digital product & E-commerce

Solution architecture

architecture & development



data science & AI/ML

ONBRDNG because…

  1. Expertise in M&A (digital due diligence, carve out, integration).
  2. Experienced in execution of business model change and follow-up through the entire organisation.
  3. Experienced in bridging the gap between brand promise and actual experience.
  4. Experienced digital Product Managers, skilled at creating a smooth (scaled) product development process.
  5. Experienced in building customer value through data modeling.

ONBRDNG helps ambitious leaders accelerate digital growth. Get the support you need to turn strategy into action today. We are digital actionists, ready to help.

“The team at ONBRDNG had the challenger mentality that RTL so desperately needed at the time. Not only are they excellent substantive product geeks, with a vast understanding of technology, they also have the ability to translate that knowledge into a strategy and mobilise the necessary elements within an existing organisation. Patrick and his team are completely honest and aim for the best possible outcome. The project was constantly evaluated, so RTL never faced any unforeseen costs or surprises. Except for the speed with which they were ultimately able to realize the project.”

Arno Otto
Chief Transformation Officer (Former Chief Digital RTL)

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