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On this page we share our insights, knowledge and some helpful resources to help you kickstart building great products.

The formula:

To build great products, you need to understand people. Because people aren’t about solutions, they’re about relief. These are the 4 dimensions of a great product:

✓  Meets customer needs, solves a real problem
✓  Exceeds customer expectations 
✓  Is easy to use
 Has a good value/price 

“Making products for your customers is far more efficient than finding customers for your products.”
– Seth Godin

Our key learnings

Other ideas worth sharing

Empowering Development Teams

Read Roman Pichler’s Blog

5 tips from Roman Pichler to empower teams that are happier, create better products, and allow you, the person in charge of the product, to spend more time on product discovery and strategy.

Continuous Discovery Activity Map

Read Product Talk

The best product teams adopt a continuous mindset when it comes to discovery. This map lays out the activities to succesfully do so.

Don’t Just Sell Stuff — Satisfy Needs

Watch Theodore Levitt

Theodore Levitt’s classic theory says that an industry is a customer-satisfying process, not a goods-producing process..

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Books we recommend

Inspired – How to Create tech products customers love

Product management guru Marty Cagan has written a great followup to his first edition of “Inspired”. In this edition, he provides valuable tips and examples in relation to product discovery and delivery.

Lean Analytics

This book shows you how to validate your initial idea, find the right customers, decide what to build, how to monetize your business, and how to spread the word. A must-read for everyone in Product management management. 

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

How do successful companies create products people can’t put down? Read this bestseller by Nir Eyal on consumer psychology, healthful habits, consumer design and neuroscience.

The Lean Product Playbook
Looking for a practical and structured approach on how to apply Lean Startups concepts? Read this valuable how-to guide to create successful products.

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