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Vincka Izaack

Our leading lady, Vincka, has an all-consuming passion. Making loveable digital consumer products, while ensuring product & development teams move mountains.

Vincka spent many years developing digital loyalty programs for various brands before building Europe’s very first men’s accessories eCommerce platform. She switched from eCommerce to media when she joined RTL. Launching award-winning digital formats around TV programmes including “So You Think You Can Dance”, “Expedition Robinson” and “Hollands Next Top Model”. 

Vincka’s obvious talent for building online consumer experiences at RTL led to a new challenge. She was asked to lead the product team of the newly acquired Video on Demand (VoD) service, Videoland. 

Videoland enjoyed a successful launch in the Netherlands. More importantly, under Vincka’s guidance, Videoland quickly became the #2 SVoD player in the Netherlands after Netflix (you might have heard of them).

When Vincka is not working on product development assignments, coaching product leaders or teams on product discovery, she is improving the curriculums of the ONBRDNG Academy. Using these in-house trainings and workshops, multi-disciplinary teams learn to improve their way of working. Aligning the brand promise and product experience. Using product discovery and analytics to build products consumers love and really want.

Past positions

Videoland by RTL

RTL Nederland


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)

Vincka is a great person to work with and a really good product owner. Over the years I have never met a product owner who did not shiver with fear when they hear the sentence 'We need to refactor early and often'. Most product owners would refuse this, but Vincka really trusted the team as professionals when making tough technical decisions, while she makes the tough decisions business wise. A fun fact about Vincka is that she was doing a javascript course and even wrote some code for the project (4 lines :-D). That showed me that she is not only interested in the product itself, but also in the people creating the product.
Overall I think Vincka is one of the reasons for a successful formula @ Videoland.
Randy Daal
Manager Frontmen

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