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Patrick Klink

Patrick Klink is the founder of ONBRDNG and a seasoned international digital pioneer. When he started in 1995, the digital global village really was only a village. His experience makes Patrick one of the most sought-after digital transformation and growth experts. (Re)building companies from traditional businesses into all-round digital companies.

Before ONBRDNG, Patrick was the Director of Product and Technology at RTL. An international leader in broadcast, content and digital, with interests in 60 television channels. He was also co-founder of Legian Consulting & Network Services, where he supported a number of companies as Chief of Product/Data/Tech or CTO. Patrick serves as a supervisory board member and provides venture capital for a number of scale-ups. 

Beware. Patrick is very outspoken. But also both pragmatic and creative. He is results-driven and enjoys communicating with every level of an organization. From the chairman of the board to the cleaning lady.

Past positions

Legian / Mexipi

Ilse Media


Harvard Business School

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