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Case study

Creating a high performance management team

After a substantial reorganisation, this clients completely new digital management team was facing a huge challenge. The client: a big fish in their own pond was no longer growing. Margins were on the decline, while their customers’ expectations were rising. The general feeling within the team was that things were moving far too slowly.

Where to start?

The challenge

Creating a healthy balance.

“The Challenger Mindset” is a term coined by ONBRDNG to express the necessity for a balance within the workforce. In this particular case we see a lack of Challenger Mindset, where over time the challengers have become incumbents, leading to an increased complexity. Complexity is the death of speed.

The vast majority of the clients time was focused on optimising the “smart“ side of their organisation; marketing, technology, finance, etc. Although these are areas of great importance, the thing that tends to receive the most neglect is the dynamics within the team itself. It’s imperative to regain the balance between tangible aspects and team dynamics.

Tactics first

Focus on creating a cohesive team.

Without optimal team performance,  it would be impossible to fix the aforementioned complexity. Therefore ONBRDNG prioritised the transformation of the digital management team into a cohesive department. Starting with workshops based on the following:

  • Way of working: staying Agile at scale, while simultaneously having to deal with SAFe.
  • Lencioni: detecting the dysfunctional properties within the team and how to overcome them together.

Accelerating growth

Left field approach.

“ONBRDNG understands the innermost workings of a corporate organisation. They know better than anyone how to create immediate impact. They have first hand industry experience and know exactly which buttons need to be pressed in order to get a teams wheels in motion. They are brutally honest and never operate with their own agenda to upsell.”

Team members on this project


Leadership & agile coaching

commercial growth

ONBRDNG because…

  • Multi disciplinary approach: able to look beyond the tangible symptoms the client was experiencing.
  • Experienced in creating impact in corporate organisations.
  • Experienced in building highly performing teams.

ONBRDNG helps ambitious leaders accelerate digital growth. Get the support you need to turn strategy into action today. We are digital actionists, ready to help.

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