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Case study

Accelerate B2B offerings 

From calculating discounts manually, to a fully automated pricing system.

The challenge

Speeding up the B2B pricing process.

So many customers with so many requirements. The account managers of this large Dutch Brewery were manually creating custom discount agreements for every single one of their B2B customers. Excellent for customer service, but a disaster when it came to speedy price calculations. Account managers had to spend a large amount of their valuable time performing their least favourite task; sitting at their desks doing paperwork and complex calculations in Excel.

Tactics first

Begin by making an impact straight away.

  • Stage 1; we kicked off by inviting the most important stakeholder to an alignment and solutions workshop. Topics for the day included: aligning on the challenges & coming up with a possible solution.
  • Stage 2; building a solution in Bubble*. Due to it being an internally used platform, the lengthy code writing process was bypassed. ONBRDNG delivered this in two weeks, followed by a further fortnight of iterations.
  • Stage 3; handover to the stakeholders. Including educating them on how to use the calculator. Plus figuring out what to do with all that extra sales time!

* Bubble is a no-code platform. There are many out there, but Bubble is our favourite. We use it for two purposes:

  1. To rapidly and cost-effectively build an MVP. In order to test new exciting ideas and launch new businesses.
  2. For building non-consumer facing platforms, which can automate complex processes.

Accelerating growth

Time is an asset.

Over a four week period, ONBRDNG solved a problem fundamental to the business. From the alignment & solutions workshop to the completed platform.

Team member on this project

Digital product & insights

ONBRDNG because…

Although many organisations seem to believe otherwise, problems are not solved in meetings. Strategy is, of course, important but to achieve real results, we must take action.

  1. Tactics first approach.
  2. Expertise in No-Code development
  3. Expertise in corporate innovation

ONBRDNG helps ambitious leaders accelerate digital growth. Get the support you need to turn strategy into action today. We are digital actionists, ready to help.

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