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Xavier Baars

Xavier is one of our allround product design and innovation specialists. He has extensive experience in the start up and sale of companies as well as coming up with new, innovative services for organisations such as Google, Kas Bank and Schiphol.

His passion for entrepreneurship and innovation combined with his background as a business economist and his experience with incubators and corporate start-ups have ensured that Xavier has found a balance between the use of intuition and the use of data.

For ONBRDNG, Xavier also takes on the role of an innovation sprint facilitator: Sharing his abundant knowledge and experience with our customers, enabling them to set up and accelerate processes independently.

Xavier is also happy sharing his experience and knowledge outside of the office. As soon as the wind picks up, he’s off to the beach where he enjoys kitesurfing! Either practicing new tricks or teaching others the sport.

And …… keep an eye on our site. Because Xavier is collaborating with a friend to develop a no-code application, as well as a physical product based on ONBRDNG’s product. 

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