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Thijs Speet

Thijs has spent many years in the employment industry, helping companies build their digital teams. This makes him highly accomplished in analysing which capabilities companies need to accelerate. 

Thijs is the initiator of the Product hub and UX hub in the Netherlands. Regular gatherings, where Product and UX leaders share insights, learnings and experiences. Discussing customer journey improvements, digital transformation, digital frameworks and improving the whole way of working. 

Quite clearly, Thijs is not your average commercial guy. He has learned from design sprints, lean enterprise, lean analytics, agile and the key pillars needed for digital transformation.

Thijs joined ONBRDNG because he was particularly attracted to one of our core beliefs: “to always add value for our clients”. Together with another colleague, Patrick, he developed a three-hour workshop to support our clients. Defining their key challenges and best next actions to accelerate and improve their digital excellence. 

Thijs spends most of his spare time analysing the wind conditions. This might have something to do with his love of sailing and more recently, kite surfing. 

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Newpeople International


Avans Hogeschool Den Bosch

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