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Menno van der Steen

Menno is passionate about everything to do with Marketing and Data. 

In fact, he’s been working on the marketing/technology border for over 25 years. Focused at an early stage on client insights, databases and platforms for companies including Sony-Ericsson, Ford and Y&R’s digital hub. A true early internet adaptor, when it comes to using insights and data science.

If we were to assign tags to Menno, the following words would be a good fit: innovation,  experimentation,  product development, behavioural science, data sciences, efficiency, growth, e-commerce and tech.

He has put his extensive knowledge and experience to good use within a wide variety of industries including telecom, media, banking, advertising agencies and retail. In addition, he has been responsible for a number of successful corporate startups.

For the past few years, Menno was Chief Data & Tech Officer and responsible for the Data Science and Advanced Analytics team at IPG Mediabrands. With his team, he supported numerous clients in developing actionable data insights, data modelling and extracting concrete value from their data.

At ONBRDNG Menno will be crucial to the ‘Marketing meets Modeling’ team who, together will further develop the Data Sprint framework established by ONBRDNG so that we can provide our customers with even faster and more valuable insights and actions. The main focus of this framework is increasing relevance by way of data, in multiple areas. Consider challenges such as lowering customer acquisition costs,  increasing engagement and reducing churn, up-sell and cross-sell, attribution models, recommendations, digital decision models etc.

Over and above the daily grind, Menno never sits still. As well as his role at ONBRDNG, he is a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, a regular speaker at a myriad of (virtual) events, such as Cannes, LION and ICOM. Plus, he just started his PhD. The subject of which has, of no surprise to us, a close relationship to data science & analytics.

Alongside his professional activities, Menno can regularly be found either refereeing on the football field or training for his next marathon. On a more creative note, Menno also has a past as a drummer, and has played in a number of bands. He still drums, although these days he prefers an electric drum kit and his headphones; maybe he could practice with Marlie. Soon we will be inviting our clients to a performance by our in-house band, ONBRDNG.

Menno’s creativity knows no bounds. Should you find yourself in a virtual call with him, be sure to take a good look behind him. Though not quite on the level of Rembrandt, Vermeer or Hopper, you’ll definitely be surprised by his talents as a painter! What’s the quickest way to catch a glimpse of this mastery? Schedule a call with Menno here ⇒ to discuss what a data sprint could do for your organisation!

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