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Marvin Ronk

Marvin is a senior web application backend developer who lives and breathes tech. He is specialized in creating and maintaining large-scale digital platforms, using open source technologies. These include JavaScript (Node.js), PHP, MySQL, Memcached, Redis and Python.

Marvin was one of the co-founders of Brothers in art with Arno Drost, where he served as Chief Technology Officer. Together they have over a decade of experience in what works (and doesn’t work) within the development and shipping of successful consumer products. 

After Brothers in art, Marvin joined Arno at RTL, where he successfully led the challenge of scaling the Videoland infrastructure, to support thousands of simultaneous user streams. Also introducing a high availability abstraction layer, which simplified frontend development, reduced page loading times and optimized the consumer experience. Understandably, he is still pretty proud of this project. 

At ONBRDNG Marvin is our lead data engineer. He is a frontrunner where it concerns bringing applications from on-premise to cloud environments, including Google Cloud and AWS. 

Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban… Marvin has tried them all and in all kinds of environments. He is an expert, knowing which working methodology works best for each particular team. 

In his spare time, Marvin is a techie and a bikie. Working on the internet of everything in his home. Or getting on his motorbike to race on any one of Europe’s many circuits.

Past positions

Videoland by RTL

Dipdive | The Black Eyed Peas

Brothers in art


Hogeschool van Utrecht

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