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Marlie Louwers

An ex-colleague recommended that Marlie pay a visit to ONBRDNG. She was looking for a new challenge and he thought that ONBRDNG’s Digital Actionists could be the perfect fit for her. Suffice to say, he hit the nail on the head! 

With her extensive experience in the field of brand, omni-channel customer experiences, online marketing, product development and digital project management, she more than fulfills our requisite for seeking Pi shaped talent. More importantly, she has put this to good use at businesses/organisations for change and growth. Fitting in perfectly with our promise: “we’ve sat on your side of the table”. 

Thanks to her time at companies such as ECCO and Ex Machina, Marlie has had the opportunity to live and work in a number of places around the world. Currently active on three continents, ONBRDNG can easily satisfy Marlie’s ambition to remain active on an International level. Whether she’s travelling for business or pleasure, Marlie always returns home with a myriad of interesting anecdotes, observations, travel tips, new brands, design trends, ect. 

In the world of digital test & learning is commonplace, and being Pi-shaped means that you’re able to use both the right and left side of your brain. Marlie puts this talent to good use at home too. Whether it be testing aquaponics or 3d printing with her boyfriend; there is always something to try or learn.

Of course, a creative mind also needs to rest once in a while. For this, Marlie takes to a book from her extensive “to read” list. Or, if she’s looking for something a little more active than what usually befits a digital native, she grabs her headphones and sticks, puts on a tutorial and teaches herself to drum! 

Welcome Marlie, and as a drummer may say……”let’s rock and roll”!

Past positions

Ex Machina Group


Inholland University of Applied Sciences


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