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Jan Hans Kuipers

Jan Hans started his career as a Maritime Officer. While sailing across the oceans he developed a broad view of the world. With his adaptable mind, he is now making a few waves in the digital world.

Jan Hans is helpful by nature and can help in a whole number of ways. His extensive experience includes Businessx/IT consultant, IT manager, Head of projects and Agile coach. He is supremely skilled in transforming teams, so that they can adapt to a more agile way of working. While also building on the right core technology and components. 

Is there no end to the talents of Jan Hans? No there isn’t. During his career he was also involved in numerous due diligence/transactions, supporting companies to carve out and integrate their acquisitions. 

Jan Hans’ industry experience is broad: media, telecom, energy and retail, both on the B2B and B2C side. 

When Jan Hans isn’t working or coaching his kids’ football team, he is traveling Europe, conquering downhill courses on his mountain bike. His girlfriend has wisely taken out a large accident insurance policy.

Past positions

RTL Nederland

Legian / Mexipi

Sanoma Uitgevers


Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden

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