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Frederique Henraat

Frederique is one of our UX specialists. It’s likely you´ll come across her during our Free Friday workshops, UX Friction Audits, Product discovery projects and Data Sprints.

She possesses many skills that we covet, including the ability to use both the right and left sides of her brain. Frederique has a background in both UX/Design and Data Science and is, therefore, able to support data-informed design processes.

She is exceptionally capable of getting to the core of complex matters. Whether it be explaining UX research issues, designing or improving on customer experience journeys or visualising data science insights in a simple and understandable way. To Frederique, these are all crucial puzzles that, no matter their size, must be solved.

This could also explain why one of her favourite pastimes is visiting a wide variety of restaurants both in The Netherlands and abroad. It´s not about Michelin stars for her, but that unique ability of a chef to create a beautiful, delicious and exciting experience that stimulates all the senses. Frederique brings this focus on creating cohesion with her into the workplace, ensuring the customer and employees of our customers are always central.

Outside of the office, when Frederique is looking to take some time out and disconnect from ‘digital life’, she can be found either spending time with her friends and family or painting. For artistic inspiration, she likes to visit the museum of her favourite artist, Monet. And, her passion for sports has been reignited. She can regularly be spotted with colleagues on the padel court.

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De Nederlandse Bank


University of Amsterdam


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