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Eric Kooijman

We call him Mister Wikipedia; No matter how obscure the subject, he has seen, read or heard something about it. To quote the man himself “I don’t know why I retain it all”. It could be due to the fact that throughout his educational years, he worked his way up to the top of the european gamers. During International tournaments he had to pay attention, process a large amount of information and react quickly.

Eric came to the ONBRDNG offices highly recommended. It became apparent pretty quickly that in terms of culture, experience and knowledge he would be a great fit. During his time at DPG Media Eric mastered the ins and outs of data usage, in terms of both marketing and advertising technology.

Eric knows, better than anyone, the impacts of a cookie-free world. As one of our analytics translators he uses his analytical, creative mind along with his practical experience to bridge the gap between data engineers, data scientists and marketing teams during data sprints.

Outside of the office you’re likely to find Eric either gaming online or at the gym… as they say: “healthy body, healthy mind”.

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