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Can Yildiz

We have all experienced the fast-paced transfer market of data science specialists. And Can is certainly no stranger to it. He received a large number of offers from a wide variety of companies. 

As you would expect, judging by Cans profile, he made a comprehensive pros and cons list before making his final decision. Other factors that played a vital role in his deliberation included the general feel, culture and the amount of space given for development within the role: Exactly what we discuss with our customers regarding data projects. It’s not about the data-driven, but the data-informed. Ones own unique competencies must also be taken into consideration; intuition, creativity, emotion. And so, much to our delight, Can’s final decision was ONBRDNG.

At ONBRDNG we don’t expect him to spend his first few years making slides for one of the partners or spend all his time on one silo waiting to progress to the next level. To us, from day one, Can is a fully-fledged team member who, as our analytic translator, plays a crucial role between our clients and our own business and data engineers. In addition, he will support the team during our Data Sprints and develop the ONBRDNG Radical Insights Platform, which our team uses to help clients make rapid progress within their category.

Can is able to break down large complex data issues into clear, concise segments. He is also able to explain and visualise them in simple terms. These abilities, no doubt, stem from his other hobbies: He is not all about the data but also immerses himself in philosophy, history and politics. So Can knows, all too well, the power a story can hold. We have yet to experience it first-hand, but he also seems to be able to set up a whole tree about AI ethics.

To ensure a balance of mind and body, Can can regularly be found at the gym, either working out with weights or kickboxing. He can also be spotted on the football field as an enthusiastic trotting midfielder, who mainly relies on his running abilities and not so much on his talent (quote: Can Yildiz 2022).

There is also a high probability that you will bump into Can while out and about in Amsterdam. Having recently moved to the city, this youngster has a great deal to discover. Can is somewhat of a beer connoisseur, so if you’re looking for a breakdown of the latest and greatest microbreweries, he most likely has a Google sheet at the ready. 

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