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Arjan Farzkenari

Arjan is one of our UX Design Specialists. He supports clients with UX Research projects, providing insight into and designing customer journeys. He is also our Product Discovery coach at UX Friction Audits.

He was recently part of a talented group of 12 UX specialists who formed a collaboration between the Hogeschool of Utrecht and ONBRDNG. They were given the opportunity to provide support on a project for FC Straat: Touzani’s street football platform.

In terms of personality, we knew immediately that Arjan would be an excellent fit for our team. However, his keen eye for customer needs and conceptual ability to design integrated frictionless journeys while simultaneously maintaining a strong eye for detail, along with his innate sense of design also impressed us.

His design heroes are a great example of how we see Arjan’s position within our team: Jony Ive, The man behind many successful Apple products, is known for his honesty, perfectionism and eye for detail. Arjan is a modest guy who prefers to remain in the background. However, if you ask his honest opinion on something, you can be sure you´ll get it. So he’s a perfect fit for our brutal honesty DNA. Joseph Kilbansky who, in addition to his artworks and designs, is renowned for his extensive research. In parallel to Arjan, who takes on the role of UX researcher at ONBRDNG, during our UX Friction Audits. And Tinker Hatfield who as well as being known for his many famous Nike designs, made a huge impact on the business by retaining Michael Jordan as their flagship. In a similar way, Arjan has a constant focus on impact for our client’s customers.

Arjan takes further inspiration from visual designer of this generation, Brian Elstak which immediately gives away his musical preferences. These days more and more hip hop is being added to the ONBRDNG playlist, music which he also turns to when he is back in the gym, seriously prepping for the football season. Arjan can talk about it for hours.

If you like a game of padel… Arjan is often present during our regular padel session on Mondays, which is also accessible to friends and customers of ONBRDNG. So do challenge him. He loves the competition. 

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