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These days it’s all about survival of the fastest, and that’s what we do. We enable our clients to rapidly fulfill their ambitions. Providing faster digital transformations, faster team training and faster ways of getting digital products to market. We guide how, we help you build today and ensure that you learn now. 
We are the Digital Actionists. 
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Rules of play

Although our multidisciplinary team is fully capable of building end-to-end platforms, we are not a web agency.
We build your business with you, not just for you.

The three most frequently asked questions about our Bubble projects are: 

  1. What is Bubble?

    Bubble is a no-code platform. There are many out there, but we love Bubble the most. Bubble can be used for multiple purposes. ONBRDNG uses it for only one: building internal platforms which can automate complex processes. 

    We don’t use Bubble to build long lasting end-to-end consumer facing websites (eg Marketplaces, SaaS, etc.).

  2. What do you charge for a Bubble project?

    There’s no one size fits all answer here. Our focus is on your business as much as your technology. And every business is different. However, to manage expectations: 90% of our Bubble projects cost upwards of EUR 10.000,-. Now we understand that there are agencies out there offering cheaper solutions. However, as mentioned earlier, we are not an agency. We help you to build your digital business and that takes a lot of coaching & iterations. We are in it for the long haul, and our business models complement that. 

    For more information, contact us.

  3. Can I scale my Bubble platform?

    Yes, you can scale a Bubble platform. But at some point, just like all digital platforms, you’ll need to
    renew your stack. For example, when a redesign is required, or when your platform requires rapid
    processing of complex stuff (algorithms using multiple databases, for example).

Speed is key. Need assistance?

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