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Optimizing your media portfolio is a process which never stops. You want it to be fast and fact based. Instead, it tends to be lengthy and not fact based. Why?

The media industry is emotional. We know it and you know it. Users are in love with our brands, at least that’s what we like to think. Probably every brand/digital owner within your company can explain to you why their department must stay. That it is of enormous strategic importance. That it has tremendous added value.

We’ve been in your position and know what you’re thinking. “How can I get the right insights faster, so I can make better decisions about my media portfolio?”

5 steps to get the insights you need

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We’ve been helping multi-brand media companies making the right decisions for almost 20 years. In times of growth AND crisis. From our experience we have learned 5 steps a multi-brand media company needs to take to get the right insights and make the right decisions.

  1. Make a total overview of your media portfolio. The overview should include: 
    • All your media brands
    • All touchpoints per brand
  2. Analyze each touchpoint
    • What is the business model?
    • How much traffic does it generate?
    • How much engagement does it have?
    • How has the touchpoint developed over time? (Growing, declining, flat line, etc.)
    • Do you have long term contract commitments?
  3. Analyze your team per touchpoint
    • Who works for what?
      • Amount of people
      • People’s profiles
    • What is the minimum team setup to be successful? (Tip: smaller is usually better)
  4. Revenue
    • What is the total revenue per touchpoint?
    • What are the total costs per touchpoint?
    • Are there costs that shouldn’t be accounted for in this touchpoint? (In our experience this is always the case)
  5. Matrix
    • When you add all this up, compare the outcomes. When comparing, do so without emotions.
    • Divide the touchpoints into 4 cohorts: strategic (potential), winners, must-have, candidates to reduce/stop.

Make better decisions
So now you have an overview of your touchpoints and how they are performing. We know, this looks like a quick and dirty process. Obviously, you can always make better analyses. But in our experience speed is key. And taking more time isn’t going to enable you to make better decisions.

Have you given up on your media portfolio?

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We have been helping multi brand media companies making the right choices for almost 20 years. In times of growth AND crisis. Don’t hesitate before it’s too late. We’re ready to help.

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