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Data-driven vs Data-informed

Stop striving to be ‘Data-driven’ and embrace Data-informed decision making. Why is this our preferred approach? Because decisions shouldn’t be solely based on quantitative data. Combining user research, your own personal experience and intuition with data will ensure you are able to make informed decisions that will improve your product.

On this page, we share our insights, knowledge and some helpful resources to help you better evaluate and make observations on your business.

How mature is your digital decision-making?

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Data-hoarding: an innovation killer

• 9 min read

For many organisations data is the holy grail; the key to their future success. However, very few possess an effective means to collect and use their data..

Your data strategy. The headache you never knew you had

• 11 min read

Read this if… You’re not getting sufficient value out of your data. You can’t determine your top five selling products. Your data team retention is less than three years.

Why you should be Data-informed and not Data-driven

• 12 min read

In this Internet era, data has become a key component of companies decision-making frameworks. However, how you use data in your decisions is critical for your product’s success or failure: An intriguing post by Uzma Barlaskar.

Never start with a hypothesis

• 14 min read

A surefire way to set yourself up for failure is to start with the hypotheses rather than the actions. Cassie Kozyrkov, Head of Decision Intelligence at Google has provided us with this step-by-step guide on how to get it right.

The Building Blocks of a Data-Informed Company

• 20 min read

An insightful article written by Sequoia Capital’s Data Science team. They explain how to build a world-class data-informed company, able to create an impact using data and obtain full potential out of product analytics. 

Why Too Much Data Is A Problem And How To Prevent It

• 7 min read

In this interview Sara Spivey, CMO of Bazaarvoice shares her thoughts: “Data saturation is everywhere. We’ve often had the belief that more is better; however, that actually isn’t true in the case of data”.

Turn insights into action with our Data sprint

Collecting data is simple, many organisations do way too much of it. We filter, curate and connect your data to give you straight forward answers to common business questions (eg. LTV, NPS and churn). In addition, we provide the answers to the more complex questions (such as; how can we improve our North Star metric?). When you’re properly informed by the data, you can focus on purely making the decisions. The data can be prepared for execution by the appropriate teams and systems. Case by case, we will make your data work for you. 

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Reading list

We recommend these great reads to inspire better insights


An International bestseller by Hans Rosling about the potential for human progress, when we focus on facts rather than our inherent biases. Must-read!

Lean Analytics

This book explains how to validate your initial idea, find the right customers, decide what to build, monetise your business and spread the word. A must-read for everyone in Product Management management.

The analysis of data
will not, by itself, produce new ideas

Edward De Bono

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