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Your greatest challenge is:

Team Skills

The key challenges when building winning teams are:


Start with a winning culture

It seems that your greatest challenge right now is a lack of skills within your teams. Possibly due to a recent influx of  juniors to the organisation, or maybe your more senior employees are lacking in terms of development. The silver lining is: it’s relatively easy to fix, certainly compared to having to fix the culture or way of working. However, be cautious, there are a number of traps that most leaders tend to fall into.

Quick(est) fix
Give your most skilled/senior team member responsibility for upskilling the others. This could be anyone in the team, even yourself. A person should be considered ‘senior’ when he/she has the skills and mentality that will be required in the future of the business. Don’t fall into the trap of simply appointing the person who has been there the longest. 

Ensure that the senior member is committed to this “new” task. Give this responsibility priority by adding it to their periodic assessment. And don’t forget: if you add responsibility to a job description, it’s only fair that you remove something else. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and it’s imperative that the senior member focus on this task.

..Fixing the root cause
Besides the quick fix, we recommend you create a foundation that your current- and future team can build on. Whatever you do, don’t assume that by simply sending your people to training they will miraculously become better at their jobs. Sure, it’s good to have a theoretical base, and training is a part of that. But it also only teaches them which rituals and responsibilities to consider, they still don’t know HOW to be better at their jobs, in practice.

Be sure to do your research well and look for a partner who has actually proven themselves in the real world. Look for someone from a strong company, with a proven track record in the specific role. Make sure there’s a positive feedback loop, as this will create an environment where people feel that they can be honest and grow.

Do you notice the difference?

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