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Your greatest challenge is:


The key challenges when building winning teams are:


Start with a winning culture

It looks like your organisation is experiencing a culture challenge. There’s too much focus on the tangible side of your organisation (marketing, tech, data, etc.), and not enough on the intangible side (morale, productivity, retention, politics, focus, etc.).  Improving the intangible side can be hugely beneficial. However, to do so you’ll have to overcome prejudice, as focussing on intangible aspects may not feel comfortable. In addition, it’s not something you can measure the progress of in Excel, or something with which you can gain short term improvements. If you manage to do this, then we recommend the following:

Quick(est) fix
Start with the management team to ensure a solid foundation. They can only lead by example when they’ve got it right themselves. We suggest removing as many of the dysfunctional properties as possible using the Lencioni Pyramid.

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times; it all starts with trust!

What we are talking about here is trust based on vulnerability. Are your team members secure enough to own up to their mistakes? Do they dare to ask a more knowledgeable colleague for help? Without this simple yet important foundation, a team has no chance of resolving other, more complex dysfunctions.

Therefor it’s essential as a team leader, to invest sufficient time in trust. For example, by organising regular team events, be they large of small (find some inspiration here) . In addition, use the classic Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Not only for the results; going through the process as a team is just as beneficial.

..Fixing the root cause
Complete the Lencioni Pyramid, and remove the remaining four dysfunctional properties wherever possible. At some point in the proces (you will just feel when the time is right) the management team will be able to focus on the people they lead. This is your roadmap:

  1. Ensure the management team are aligned on these six essential organisational questions.
  2. Communicate and act on these answers as a leadership team.
  3. Incorporate this communication in all processes and company meetings.

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