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How to stay productive when working from home

6 tips to stay on top of your game

 – while quarantined – 

1. Make a daily routine 

COVID-19 means many of us are working from home full-time for the first time. Home used to be where the heart is, now it’s where the couch is. It’s more tempting than ever to lie on it all day, in your pyjamas, with your laptop. That’s why you need to establish a daily routine and make plans. So, set the alarm nice and early. Shower. Brush your teeth. And then the most important step for a great day at work at home: get dressed. 

2. Create a dedicated work space

Some people miss the comforts of the office. The endless coffee at the press of a button from the coffee machine. The second computer screen for multitasking. The luxury of your adjustable comfortable ergonomic chair. It’s important to keep home and work separate, even when you’re at home. A designated work space, mimicking office conditions, helps you switch on and get down to work immediately. As well as switch off at the end of the day, for quality time with your family.

3. Take breaks

Home is your office. Your dining table is your office desk. A quick sandwich at your desk (dining table) is now lunch with the whole family. Work life and home life are merging into one and into the late hours. However, separating your work life and home life is a must. Take regular breaks. Treat yourself (and your family). Have some fun!

4. Stay active 

You can’t go to the gym. You can’t go to your weekly yoga class. You can’t do your daily cycle to work. But you can turn your home into a mini gym. Ensuring that you stay in perfect shape, rather than becoming the perfect couch potato. With a bit of imagination your kitchen table and stairs are excellent equipment for keeping fit. Over 2,000,000 online home workouts are just one search query away. 

5. Eat healthy

The path of temptation leads directly to your kitchen. All those snacks, sweets and junk food immediately at your disposal. The World Health Organization advises maintaining a healthy diet, which can play a “crucial role” in how well people recover from the corona virus. Now is the time to resist temptation and treat your body by creating healthy meals. Taking some quality time to make stews, soups or even going the whole way: homemade sourdough bread…

6. Socialize with your team! 

Working at home doesn’t mean working alone. Stay connected with your team. Organize group chats. Virtual lunch meetings. Hook up with colleagues for virtual after work drinks. Go crazy, loosen things up a little, with a virtual card game. 

Keep safe, stay healthy!


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