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We help brave leaders succeed in a digitised world

We know that to continuously transform your organisation is a journey. As a leader, you’ll face many challenges along the way: Where to start? Is there enough time? How to get board-buy-in? Where to find the right people? Here at ONBRDNG, we are seasoned professionals. Together we have decades of experience with building relevant digital B2B and B2C products. We don’t just make the slides, we make it work! We are here to help with every challenge you encounter on your leadership journey.

We bridge the gap

between promise and reality

Every business faces this challenge. Bridging the gap between brand promise and reality (what is actually delivered to the customer) in terms of service and experience. We are here to ensure you deliver on the increasingly high and ever-changing demands of today’s empowered customer.

Building blocks for sustainable success

Successful organisations all found their own solution to drive success. We believe that success is the outcome of carefully nourished and optimised building blocks. The building blocks are the same for everyone. But how you mix, match and future-proof the blocks can make all the difference.

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How we help leaders

A few examples of how we help leaders succeed in this digitised world.

Fly in and fix

We can place our experienced product development team within your organisation. We then speed up your digital delivery and, at the same time, build and train an in-house team to seamlessly take over!

Product discovery & delivery

“It’s easier to find a product for your customers than customers for your product”. We can help with all stages: from product discovery to delivery and continuous development.

From data to insights to action

We take raw data and transform it into insights & dashboards. From the insights, we create automated actions. This can reduce churn and improve customer engagement.

Review, unlock & optimise a technology stack

We look at your tech stack from a greenfield perspective: What does it need to do? How can we optimise its performance, and potentially even reduce costs?

Train a machine learning algorithm

We help you understand the latest trends in the machine learning field and additionally how to pick-and-choose methods to form a coherent strategy that ultimately leads to a better product.

Why brave leaders choose us

Highly skilled & experienced people

We have a proven track record. We know exactly how to tackle your challenges and reach your goals because we’ve been tackling similar challenges and goals for over 30 years.

Brutally honest

Clients appreciate our Dutch directness. It’s that honesty and sincerity that obtains the most efficient results.


These days, if you don’t act now it’s too late. That’s where our pragmatic approach comes in. We offer the fastest service in the industry; a bold claim perhaps, but it’s true.

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key insights

Let us give you a kickstart and show you how to…

Build winning Teams

The primary drivers for a winning team and culture? Read, watch and learn more about it here:

→ Build winning teams

Build great Products

What you need to build great products? Learn more from our insights and other helpful resources:

→ Build great products

Get the right Insights

Why you need an Data-informed approach instead of being Data-driven? Read more about it here:

→ Get the right insights

Use Technology right

How you can use technology as an enabler for great experiences? Read more about our insights:

→ Use technology right

Digital actionists with endless enthusiasm for a noble cause.

Your success!

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